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FREE Blueprint to Take the Stress out of Shopping for a Heating System

By Dean Ellul 24th June 2016

Late in May last year my parents decided to replace the old wood burning heater in their home after a fire scare caused by the old heaters chimney developing a few small holes that allowed smoke to get at the smoke detectors just after midnight.

Unneeded stress on aging hearts with a screaming smoke detector that would not turn off led to a swift decision to replace “Ol’ Faithful” with a new less stressful solution. Or so I thought.

It turns out this was the beginning of a lot of high blood pressure moments bought on by confusion and some shouting at people that did not have the right answers by The Silver Fox (my Dad 70 yo).

So Mum, ever the diplomat, placed a call and I showed up, sat down with the both of them and, over a cuppa tea and an Anzac biscuit, started to ask questions related to their needs for a heating system.
By the end of the night we all had a clear idea of what was needed and how to go about fixing the problem.
Lovely family story right? Sure, but Mum and Dad’s ordeal need not be yours. From this high stress situation came the ideal way to help others before they get to the high blood pressure bit.

I sat down and wrote the whole process up and that folks is now your blue print for staying warm this winter if you’re having problems with your heating system.