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Gas Fitting

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  • Gas really is an incredible fuel source and in domestic scenarios, gas is frequently available for many common uses.

Where electricity can be inefficient for certain things, gas typically has an alternative that picks up the slack. Scenarios like electric cook tops, electric space heaters and electric water heaters, all have fantastic gas alternatives.

There’s also more to a gas installation than meets the eye, which is why it’s paramount that when you’re looking at using Gas on your property, you call EHC Services




If you’ve ever cooked with gas, you’ll no doubt be well aware of how brilliant it is in comparison to cooking with electricity. Any serious kitchen (both commercial and domestic), anywhere in Australia will use gas over electricity. Gas delivers a consistent, reliable heat that has immediate temperature control.


Let’s face it, Australia is world renowned for BBQ’s. We’ll BBQ in any season, under any circumstance and Natural Gas BBQ’s make cooking outside in those colder months a much easier decision as they ignite immediately and don’t require coal, or charcoal. Service Today can instal an external gas point for you that’s entirely dedicated to your BBQ.


Gas heating is both economical and efficient. It uses very little electricity, which keeps costs down and gas heating appliances typically come with a very high energy rating, which means that in most cases the environment and your bank balance is in a better position.

There are various types of gas heating available designed to suit every scenario. ‘Room Heaters’ are portable and can be moved between rooms, ‘Space & Wall Furnace’ heaters are designed to heat specific areas and of course there’s ‘Central Heating’, which is designed to heat entire homes and office spaces.

You can also have a gas heater located externally, enabling you to utilise your outdoor entertaining areas year round.

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot water heaters are fast heating and constant. They’re available in storage heaters & instantaneous heaters and often they’ll use a combination of fuel sources, for example; Gas/Solar; Gas/Electric; Gas/Heat Pump; Gas/Hydronic Heating.That may sound overwhelming, however worry not. Service Today will help you choose the right solution.

Pool Heating

If you’re wanting to maintain the temperature of your pool year round, gas can be a fantastic option. In some months, solar heated pools lack one critical element…sun.

Gas heating doesn’t require sun, so it’s more reliable year round. Also, like domestic gas hot water, gas pool heaters are also available in many of the combinations previously mentioned, which save on gas consumption.