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The Blueprint / FAQ Shopping From Home For A New Heating System In Melbourne

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What sort of system suits your requirements?

1 – Gas Ducted System

Easy and fast to install can be completed in one day.
Low running cost
Safe for children. No Hot Appliances within reach.
No smoke or fumes.
Various price options.
Service required once every 2 years.
Parts for Australian made are low cost and readily available.
Warranty by manufacturer should be 10 years.
Australian made parts and warranties are easily available and contactable.
User friendly.

Overseas manufactured parts can be expensive and not readily
Claiming on overseas warranties can get complicated and time consuming.

2 – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Easy and fast to install. Can be completed in one day
Safe for children. Appliance mounted well out of reach.
No smoke or fumes.
Various price options
Parts normally available but can be expensive
Warranties by manufacture available.
Heats in winter and cools in summer.

Heats 1 room. Additional appliance required for each room.
Can be expensive to run.

3 – Slow Combustion & Pot Bellied Stove

Will last many years
Creates a great family atmosphere
Various price options
Seldom needs parts. If parts are required it’s normally time to replace.
Warranties by manufacturer available
Strong and reliable

Heats 1 room.
Can be dangerous for children.
Requires professional to install chimney to protect against smoke escape and water leakage from roof.
Wood fuel is expensive and getting harder to obtain
Requires regular removal of ash and cleaning.
Refuelling releases smoke into the house.

Electric Bar Heaters.

Light and easy to move.
Fast efficient heat.
Can be used in conjunction with a fan to distribute heat
Low purchase cost.

High running cost
Dangerous for young children
Heats 1 room
Short life span

4 – Gas or Electric Hot Water Radiators

Can be connected to all room
Can be used to heat bath towels and dry washed clothes
Efficient adjustable constant heat.
No smoke or fumes.
Will last many years.
Manufacturer’s warranty.
User friendly.
Very little servicing required

Costly to install
Can be dangerous for young children.
Prone to leaking with age.