Ten years ago in 2006 EHC commenced business based on Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility.

We estimate and quote on major commercial developments for most major Australian builders.

Whilst this creed has won us many friends in business and the reputation of being able to get the job done on time and on budget we found that our customers placed great importance on being treated as individuals and friends rather than corporations and clients.

When we relaxed our outlook without abandoning our principals we found that communication with our friends was so much easier and more forthcoming that our job research became easier and more informative. EHC are heavily committed to professionalism in everything we do but we do it with a smile and a willingness to share tips that take the mystery and uncertainty out of the operation.

Consultation with Business Owners, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Maintenance Teams, in fact with everyone directly involved with a project, is the secret of our professionalism. Why? Simply because they each have their own requirements that need our attention and attention to detail is what makes us so successful.

Knitting together an installation plan that keeps all interested parties informed requires an excellent communicator. EHC’s Commercial Projects Manager is the consummate professional listener, planner, problem solver and leader of his hand-picked team.

The owner of our company has said many times “Ever since the industrial revolution there have been individuals, groups and companies that have been leaders in their respective fields and have inspired others to be as good as they can be at what they do. I want to keep EHC as the ‘Go To’ installation team for our friend’s commercial climate control systems. I want our friends both old and new to know that they can give us a call and have a friendly meeting in order to receive carefully considered advice on their upcoming project”.